Class Descriptions

Kindermusik Family Time
For Children of All Ages and Families of All Sizes
Family Time is a one-room schoolhouse approach to music. With older children ready to show the little ones how it's done and the younger ones eager to learn, Family Time becomes a multi-layered learning environment. Each week, your family will be introduced to basic musical concepts and will be given the instruments, and the structured free time to put those concepts into play. Story time and family jams, instrument play and happy singing—all the Family Time activities encourage discovery and exploration and foster sharing and social skills too. Full parent participation is required.

Standard tuition per semester: 4 monthly units x P3,300 / unit (for one child) or P4,500 / unit (for two or more children) ~ equivalent to P825/session for one child, P1125/session for two or more children

This year's themes under the "Family Time" curriculum:
Semester One: Family & Friends, Pet Parade, Time for Lunch, Up in the Sky
Semester Two: Colors & Shapes on the Farm, Home Sweet Home, Rhyme Around Town, Marvelous Me

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